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Johannes Andersen

Though little is known about furniture designer, Johannes Andersen, much of his work has become very collectible and highly sought after due to its superior craftmanship. His designs are characterized by his novel use of quality materials and their pragmatic functionality. His work spans seating, tables and storage.
Andersen was born in 1903 in Aarhus, Denmark. By nineteen, he had already apprenticed with a cabinetmaker and became certified in 1922. His influence of the natural world is evident in his use of organic shapes and materials, including quality woods like teak and rosewood. Andersen’s innovative approach to furniture design helped him create a new modern aesthetic. Two of his most famous and acclaimed designs are the “Capri” table featuring a curved surface with beveled edges and the “Capri” sofa which features curved contours and a backrest that allows the seater to sit upright. His “smile” coffee table maintained his principle of curved lines while adding a more futuristic touch with the open center compartment. Many of his tables serve very practical uses and were designed with unique features such as draw leaves or seamless storage compartments.
The reach of Danish modern design outside of Denmark and other Nordic countries allowed Johannes Andersen to expose his designs. In the 1930s, Andersen opened his own studio which gained him local and international recognition. The newly acquired fame allowed him the opportunity to collaborate with Scandinavian furniture companies like Trensum, CFC Silkeborg, Bramin, and Uldum Møbelfabrik. Though in-depth information about his personal history is unknown, we do know that his designs were particularly distinctive and remain popular today.