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Refinishing & Upholstery

Our passion and experience with Mid-Century Modern design has allowed us to develop efficient and effective restoration techniques and we would love to share this meticulous process with you!

How do we plan our work?

We determine the restoration process based on the design complexity and physical appearance of each piece, such as age, rarity, durability and overall condition. The procedure is as follows:

  • Remove the existing finish
  • Dismantle completely
  • Hand-sand each part
  • Chemically treat the wood
  • Fill any dents, deep scratches, etc.
  • Apply sanding sealer
  • Apply stain in layers
  • Finish with a protective coat
  • Upholster

How do we do it?

We inspect the piece for any alterations or missing original elements of the design. We strip the piece of the existing stain, treat the wood for blemishes, fix loose joints to ensure that the piece is stable, sand by hand and/or machine, and choose the correct stain based on the wood species. The stain is then applied in layers as a means to keep the wood grain as visible and natural as possible.

Finally, we apply a matte satin lacquer to protect and preserve the new finish.

What materials do we use?

We use a careful selection of materials according to the condition and design of each piece, asserting that your furniture remains distinctive, comfortable and durable throughout time.

Our focus is dedicated to making your furniture last a lifetime, allowing you to enjoy its natural beauty in your home or work space for many years.