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Børge Mogensen

The way he crafted and designed furniture, delivered the message that he wanted to transmit, a comfortable and clean aesthetic. Most of his designs were planned with mass production in mind, using technology as a tool for adapting traditional methods of furniture making. For Børge Mogensen, function preceded appearance which is apparent in his chair models and other modern furniture designs.

Born in Aalborg, Denmark and starting from a young age, Mogensen trained as a cabinetmaker in 1934. In 1936, he studied furniture design at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, finishing his studies in 1938. Shortly after, he decided to train as an architect at the School of Architecture in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. During his architecture studies, his mentor was the influential professor, Kaare Klint, whom he later became close friends with. He was so highly impressed by Børge's performance that he hired him as his teaching assistant – an opportunity he could not reject.

During the 1940’s, Mogensen was part of the Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Guild Exhibitions, showing his clean, practical and stylish furniture creations. He was named Chief of Design at the FDB furniture design studio in 1942, after receiving his degree in architecture. In 1959 he opened his very own design studio and won many awards for his simple, highly functional designs. Influenced by Klint, he followed the idea that size and proportion should determine the design. He did many in-depth studies on the dimensions and use of commonly owned items to help him create his works.

Highly remembered for his traditional forms and one of the leading designers of Danish Modern and the Mid-20th-century era, Mogensen is still recognized today for having created several furniture classic.