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Restoration Work

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Brandy was nice upon reception. I took in a desk made by "Hooker" with a couple broken legs, where the legs met the base of the desk. She quoted me the price and said 3 weeks turn around. I said to her thats fine, but 3 weeks would probably be too soon for me to be ready to receive it, tell your restorers feel free to take their time. She remarked that is what the usual turn around time was, but that she will do her best. 3 weeks later the phone calls came pouring in. "It's ready", "it's ready", "it's ready". All in all, close to a dozen calls in a 2 week period I left a deposit of half the money ($400). The ridiculous number of calls and the short time between them made me think about calling back and telling them they can keep the desk and shove the 400 dollars where the sun don't shine. I didn't of course, and when my friends funeral arrangements, funeral and mourning with family was threw the worst of it, I called Brandy back and said I was ready for the desk. She then told me "oh, sorry i didn't call you, but we noticed the desk needs some further repair. The first repair didn't hold". I said ok; and actually it still wasn't convenient to receive anyway. I thought of it as better for me, and good catch on their part. The aggressive calls i chalked up to Brandy just doing her job. A month goes by, she calls, says it's ready, I'm ready, we schedule a delivery time. The two kids (young twenties) go to lift it up to put on a dolly. No counting, "you ready?" "yeah"....the one guy jerks it up before the other guy had a good hold on his side. One side of the desk is eight inches off the floor of the truck, the other side one inch; the one inch side guy looses him grip, it drops down the inch and the leg snaps right then and there. The kid that looses his grip tells the other guy to hold on, and the guy sets his side down and that leg snaps as well. Several apologies and a phone call back to the boss and I'm told not to worry they will take it back to fix it and i won't be charged, and they will deliver it for free. (EXCUSE ME?) The boss Jesse calls me later that day and tells me he is sorry and he will personally come on the next delivery to make sure everything goes well. No money was offered back to me for the inconvenience....i was thinking a cool hundred would have been a good gesture. BTW, i had given the guys the remaining $400 just before them attempting to get it off the truck. They had me sign the paperwork and give them payment before it was in my house. I know, i know....I'm an idiot. Something else; it took 50 years for those legs to give out before getting them repaired by MODERN DANISH LA, And only took a single week and a one inch drop (at a slight angle) to have the legs give out again. Well,.....perhaps a couple weeks go by, i don't remember and another delivery is scheduled. This time Jesse is there to make sure everything goes according to plan....he's the half owner (said several times). They get the desk inside, it looks great and i can tell they are being extra gentle getting it into position, which gives me no confidence what so ever, i can tell you that. BUT HERE'S THE KICKER!!! I look inside the drawers, and my most favorite part of this piece is missing. "Where's the liner?" i ask. An off lime green quilted liner that really took you back in time when you opened the drawers. Jesse said "oh i remember seeing them, we had them set off to the side when repairing it. I'll call my guys." He gets off the phone with his guys and tells me they probably threw the quilted liners away. Come on people. I told him that was unacceptable. That was my property. That that was my favorite part of the whole desk...perhaps the reason i decided to get the restoration...so the outside could look as good as the inside!! Probably thrown away????? Can you please find out for sure? He said he would, and he would call me back. Jesse never called.

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Danish Modern Teak Coffee Table by Moreddi

Shipped to Torrance, California

When we visited Danish Modern LA we were blown away by the huge selection of beautifully refurbished furniture in the mid century modern style we had been searching for! Our sales person, Brandy, was very knowledgeable and helpful. We chose a coffee table and two end tables for our den and got a discount for buying multiple pieces. She directed us to their other location as well where we met with the owner, Jesse. Their "warehouse" is more like a showroom and had so many treasures we were overwhelmed. These guys are a class act and really care about what they sell. Our pieces have a history to them we were able to research and are not just some furniture from somewhere. We will be returning in the future for the next purchase!

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Ib Kofod-Larsen Lounge Chairs for Selig

Shipped to New York, New York

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Adrian Pearsall Model 2452-T36 Coffee Table for Craft Associates

Shipped to Chula Vista, California

Danish Modern is a great find. They carry hard to find, unique, beautifully made pieces of furniture which literally cannot be found anywhere else. All furniture and electronics are fully restored. The staff at Danish Modern are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. The store held our furniture at no cost for one month, then delivered the furniture flawlessly with very helpful, friendly and careful movers. This is hard to beat. In fact, the only reason I am not giving five stars is because the location is hard to find. Once you find it, you are in for an amazing shopping treat.

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Modernist Brancusi Style Brass Head Sculpture

Shipped to Hartford, Connecticut

Thank you so much for negotiating with me!

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Peter Lovig Nielsen “Flip Top” Teak Desk

Shipped to Rochester, Minnesota

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Stewart McDougall & Kipp Stewart “Declaration” Bookcase for Drexel

Shipped to High Point, North Carolina

Awesome experience from west coast all the way to east coast! Great communication from owner. Shipping was fast - furniture was carefully wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. This was my first experience buying a high end, expensive piece of furniture...sight unseen...from a website - I couldn't be more pleased! Highly recommend! Love the bookcase!!!

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Stewart McDougall & Kipp Stewart Tambour Door Credenza for Drexel

Shipped to High Point, North Carolina

Don't hesitate buying from this seller! Bought 2 pieces of furniture and couldn't be happier! Plycon provided fast shipping and white glove service from west coast to east coast! Beautiful piece of furniture! Thanks SO much!!!

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Richard Howard Hunt Abstract Bronze Sculpture

Shipped to Roslindale, Massachusetts

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Eero Saarinen Tulip Dining Table for Knoll

Shipped to Los Angeles, California

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