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Adrian Pearsall

Adrian Pearsall pieces deliver diversity and quality with a mix of organic geometric contours in varying materials including walnut, glass, metal, resin and vibrant upholstery. Adrian Pearsall’s designs remain a symbol of mid-century modernism and what was referred to as atomic age designs. Born in Trumansburg, New York, Pearsall joined the U.S. Navy at seventeen during WWII. Once he completed his service, he attended the University of Illinois where he studied Architectural Engineering. Not before long did he transition into designing and crafting his first furniture pieces out of his home in Kensington, Pennsylvania. With newfound success in furniture building, Pearsall established Craft Associates in 1952.

The upcoming years were busy and full of success for Pearsall. It was during the 1950’s when he created his most famous coffee tables, lounge chairs, and sofas. He is said to have invented the long, low gondola sofa and is known for his free-form walnut coffee, side and dining tables. Due to the high demand and abundance of designs produced, some of his pieces remain un-cataloged. In the late 1960s, Adrian Pearsall sold Craft Associates to the Lane Company but continued to design furniture for them until the company discontinued activities in the 1970s. That is when Pearsall joined John Graham to establish Comfort Designs, where he stayed until his retirement from modern furniture design in the 1980s. After his retirement, Pearsall dedicated his time to yacht restoration ands is recognized for restoring significant vessels.

Although many describe Adrian Pearsall’s work as “in the style of Kagan,” it is evident that though his designs were influenced by the works of Kagan, Nakashima and Knoll, they were still special and unique in their own right. Today many mid-century modern collectors continue to seek out his designs and his legacy remains.